Let Us Resolve Plumbing Violations in Your Property

Building Code Violation Services

Atlas Plumbing & Meter Works brings 15+ years of experience in the resolution of NYC plumbing code violations.

Our professionally trained plumbers specialize in ensuring residential and commercial plumbing complies with Department of Environmental Protection & NYC DOB regulations. Our NYC plumbers can handle any violation removal service request you may have.

Atlas Plumbing expertly resolves NYC DEP & NYC DOB violations. We file permits to correct such violations, removing violations within the allotted time frame prior to fines being issued by the city.

Building Department Removals

Atlas Plumbing also specializes in the resolution of NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) plumbing violations for residential and commercial customers.

Our design-build architect provides DOB-friendly specs, resolving DOB violations with “proof of correction,” so that your violation is removed from city record. Our company offers the expeditious resolution of “working without permit” violations as well.

Atlas Plumbing & Meter Works offers violation removal services for all New York City building code violations, including DOB & DEP backflow devices, illegal bathrooms, illegal kitchens and more.

Illegal Bathroom Removals

One of the most common plumbing code violations is an illegal bathroom violation.

Atlas Plumbing works with homeowners and building owners to clear these violations. The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) outlines specific guidelines for plumbing companies to follow.

We file the necessary permits and do the work and tests needed to clear any violation you have to help ease any pending fines, and push back ECB court dates. We handle violation removals, including “restore premises to legal conditions” and “legalize” & “obtain a permit” orders.

Illegal Kitchen Removals

Another common NYC building violation is an illegal kitchen violation, which our plumbers can help in resolving as well.

For kitchen violations, gas shut off violations are common, for illegal connections and leaks. Atlas Plumbing & Meter Works’ violation removals will resolve any kitchens that don’t adhere to NYC DOB code regulations. This includes both residential and commercial kitchen code violations, for stores, restaurants, offices and other properties.

If you need any plumbing violations removed in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, Dan Schlissel’s trained plumbers are your first choice for fast, reliable service, guaranteed.

Plumbing Violation Removal

There’s no shortage of hoops New York City plumbing companies must jump through when performing new installation, repair service or violation removal.

Atlas Plumbing & Meter Works understands the fine print behind NYC DEP & DOB codes and regulations. With our New York City plumbing company, you receive more than just simple plumbing repairs. From resolving DOB violations for backflow devices, to filing DOB “work without permit” & meter violations, and legalizing illegal bathrooms and kitchens; the professionally trained plumbers at Atlas are NYC’s first choice for fast, reliable service.

I was very satisfied with Atlas Plumbing. The guys were polite and professional. The price for the work was very reasonable.


Dan from Atlas Plumbing installed our new water meter and handled all the paperwork. He was also able to get the NYC DEP to reimburse us for the entire job. Great job.


Highly recommended. We had a broken main shut off valve that was causing big problems for us. Atlas Plumbing was able to install a new valve without much of a mess and saved us from having to replace the entire water main.


Every time I have called Atlas Plumbing & Meter Works, the plumber actually answers the phone. Dan always takes the time to talk to you and explain the options.


Don’t let a plumbing problem become a catastrophe!